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Angkor Historical Park

by Scott Coates   Angkor Wat and the temples of the greater Angkor complex are one of the world’s greatest sites. A must-see for any seasoned traveler who wants to say they’ve truly seen the world. Built using mostly Laterite and Sandstone, more than 70 major temples are within the Angkor Archeological Park proper, which...


Albino Smiles – February 2013

The first month of 2013 is down – eleven more to go! After 13 years living in SE Asia we’ve done this enough times that we’re able to sail right into a new year without missing a beat, and so far this year’s off to a great start! There was no time for recovery after...


Southern Cambodia’s Emerging Hotspots

Cambodia’s been firmly on the travel scene now for about a decade. It’s not so long ago the Khmer Rouge finally lost their grip on the western part of the country, allowing Siem Reap, the jumping-off point for the stunning temples of Angkor, to safely attract tourists. Since then things have really taken off with...