Whether you’re a local, a long-time resident, or brand new to Bangkok, we’re betting that there’s still a lot you haven’t seen – a whole lot. After 20 years of exploration we’re constantly charmed by new – and often ancient – discoveries. The deep back alleys of Aromatic Chinatown, hidden gardens and community conservation projects of Liquid Bangkok, that street food spot still off the grid, bike trails through the city that weave through quiet lanes away from everyday crowds.

Liquid Bangkok

The ultimate alternative Bangkok longtail boat experience. Journey by boat and foot deep into the lost canals and charm of the Venice of the East. Perfect for those who’ve seen it all!

Travel back in time to when Bangkok was a verdant patchwork of farms, gardens, villages and temples sprawling along a labyrinth of criss-crossing canals. Our time machine will be an iconic longtail boat which will carry us to timeless sanctuaries. Throughout the day, we’ll paint a picture of how fertile that part of the Chao Phraya Basin once was. Cruise deep into Bangkok’s intricate canals, visit an ecocultural learning farm and see a modern twist to the traditional temple not found anywhere else in Thailand.

  • We connect the dots that you never would have thought of.
  • Meet the monks at a hidden temple and enjoy a private viewing of the unique interior.

Duration: Half-Day

Price: from 2,900 THB per person*

*child prices available. cost based on 4 travelers.

Aromatic Chinatown

Apart from the well known Yaowarat street food and shopping chaos of Sampeng, take to the back streets on a sensory exploration of lesser known parts of Chinatown, easily Bangkok’s most enigmatic neighborhood.

Taste, smell, indulge your senses with incense, handmade dumplings and aromatic teas, just to start. But going a layer deeper, we explore unexplored lanes, ancestral shrines, and see ancient beliefs in vivid form with efforts of local cultural conservation. More than bright lights and shopping, lesser known corners of Chinatown are charming a link to the city’s past and a hopeful eye to the future.

  • Experience the back alley beauty and hidden charms of Bangkok’s biggest village.
  • Learn the history of Chinatown’s various communities linked by scents of incense, herbs, woods and food.
  • Take your taste buds on a journey of centuries-old recipes.

Duration: Half-Day

Price: from 2,350 THB per person*

*child prices available. cost based on 4 travelers.

Cycle Hidden Thonburi

The original Chinatown? Bangkok’s Brooklyn? City of Gold? This is a 250+ year-old sliver of Bangkok that no one can deny is the cool of the cool.

No matter which moniker you call Thonburi, this village-knit city sprawling out from the western edge of the Chao Phraya River will feel like it’s just being discovered. This half-day cycling outing weaves together a patchwork of neighborhoods which tell the story of life here before Bangkok. Navigate the side streets and quiet alleys on this backstage pass to the original Bangkok, and experience the essence of the grand Siamese city from the inside out.

  • Great for families that want an adventure right in their backyard
  • Great for locals, expats and visitors keen to discover hidden parts of Bangkok, away from the crowds and busier sites.

Duration: Half-Day

Price: from 2,850 THB per person*

*child prices available. cost based on 4 travelers.

Old Town Scavenger Hunt

This adventure blends a deep dive to frantic Bangkok, with a twist! Have fun hunting down items on your scavenger hunt while supporting local businesses.

This is Bangkok beyond the surface. We intertwine some of our favorite sites (that you likely haven’t visited in a while!), with some fun, hunting down unique Bangkok-inspired items and local activities. Your host will lead you on a journey across the city via tuk-tuk. (Our trusted tuk-tuk driver pals will be thrilled to be zipping across town again!) The day can include anything from making your own flower garland to finding khanom farang in a local community.

  • A fun family or group of friends adventure.
  • See Bangkok through an innovative travel experience.
  • Capture great photos immersing yourself in Bangkok while supporting local business and family-run shops as they get back on their feet.

Duration: Half-Day

Price: from 2,950 THB per person*

*child prices available. cost based on 4 travelers.

Ancient Ayutthaya

While you’ve probably visited Ayutthaya before, this UNESCO World Heritage Site in our backyard is more than worth another deep-dive into the past.

Today we will depart from Bangkok early to make the one-and-a-half-hour journey north towards Ayutthaya by private, luxury van. We will spend the morning exploring the prime sites and lesser-known gems on the way. The day includes a bicycle ride for the adventurous (our favorite!), riverside lunch, a chartered longtail boat ride and some surprises along the way. This intimate exploration of Ayutthaya will leave you with a genuine appreciation for the city’s significance to the Thai people and why it is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Family-friendly day trip from Bangkok made fun to engage kids in history through activity
  • Learn about the deep layers of symbolism at Ayutthaya and how they have shaped the development of Bangkok.

Duration: Half-Day

Price: from 3,600 THB per person*

*child prices available. cost based on 4 travelers.

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