Smiling Albino is a group of travel enthusiasts offering brilliantly tailored adventures in Asia.

We deliver engaging activities in stunning venues, and the most fabulous cuisine, all brought together in an experience designed with purpose. We are travel. It’s what we do. We live here.

We find the treasures and build your trip around them. We don’t just connect the dots….we create them. Bold words? Keep reading!

who we are

our people

It’s hard to explain to people that you’re chasing something that’s hard to even define, but that’s how things happen at Smiling Albino. 

In order to operate as a leading voice in experiential travel, we ensure that our ethical foundations and corporate objectives are not only explained to every staff member, but embraced and displayed by them. Something that sounds easy to accomplish but, in fact, requires constant work and revision. It’s easy to put up a website full of big promises and cool graphics, but living the mission is a whole different ballgame, and our people are the players on the field bringing the mission to life. 

what we do

our promise

We micro-manage each part, all the way through, ensuring a world-class travel experience.

We don’t outsource your holiday to others. Instead, we personally scout every area, eat at each restaurant, source and train every guide/host, sleep in every hotel bed, ride the bikes, board the boats and scratch the elephants, ensuring every adventure is highly original, well thought out, oozing value, and most importantly a trip we’d take our friends and families on. This is the type of character that cannot be created, only unveiled, and we believe it comes through splendidly in every element of a Smiling Albino trip. 

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