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The most challenging part of our business is assembling the ideal team. From our office staff in Bangkok, to guides in Cambodia and porters in Nepal, these are the real stars of a Smiling Albino experience. But our team is more diverse than just the immediate members of our team.

It’s also the owner of the noodle shop we’ve known for more than a decade, the hippie barkeep in the Golden Triangle that opens early (or closes late) for us and the key master at a remote jungle temple who grants us special access. Each person is a player in the orchestra who works in concert to create a special, seamless travel experience.

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Founded in 1999 by Canadians Scott Coates and Daniel Fraser, we’ve gradually grown from our original base in Thailand to offer tours in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Nepal, bringing a unique travel experience to thousands of guests.

Dan in Hat



A chief mahout, Daniel is well-known as one of Asia’s top tourism gurus. Not only does he speak Thai fluently and host a travel TV program (in Thai!), he is also a true explorer who embraces the new. Recognizing a need for travel experiences that go beyond the backpacking tradition the region was known for, Daniel founded Smiling Albino in 1999. Over the last decade, Daniel has been personally immersing himself in the known and unknown of Southeast Asia. 




Danielle has spent most of her life dedicating time to exploring the world and its cultures through travel. Her love for the world’s unique places has taken her to over 30 countries, providing the platform for her to grow her knowledge of travel. Combined with a love of organization, aesthetics and growth, Danielle is the one behind the creative, ensuring the visuals match the wonderful experiences we craft at Smiling Albino. 



experience design manager

Since 2009 she’s been a key member of our team. With a strong background in community development and volunteer tourism, Kae brings a wealth of creativity and planning skills to help making sure our trips run flawlessly! Her magical abilities include knowing when to oil the wheels before they squeak, convincing ornery people to allow special access and inspiring everyone to be at their peak performance 24/7.

Im Rasarin - Rasarin Piriyalertsakool


Office Manager

A whiz at keeping the team organized, Rasarin is our go-to guru on how to do pretty much anything. No matter which of her many hats she’s where she is always ensuring the company is running like a well-oiled machine, which she does well! A longstanding member of the Smiling Albino team, Rasarin’s passion is in the travel industry, where she has worked since joining the company in 2015. In her free time, Rasarin loves exploring Thailand, especially the country’s many historical sights and towns.

Andrew China - Andrew Clark


product manager

Andrew arrived in Thailand in 1989 where he worked in advertising before establishing his own regional marketing and branding company for the hospitality and travel industry. Much of Andrew’s free time is spent exploring new areas of Southeast Asia on his mountain bike, and telling us about it on social media.




Sidney thought he would become an archaeologist but now, instead of pursuing ancient treasures, he has pursued a career in travel. Having spent a number of years designing and running experiential backpacking trips in Southeast Asia he has shifted gears and is now designing experiential luxury adventures with Smiling Albino. Based in Bangkok, Sidney loves discovering new street food haunts and cruising around on his motorbike.




Goy’s personal passion for travel led to her career in the industry. From traveling solo, to backpack to explore the true self of a destination, Goy loves that the root of travel comes from its local people. This perspective has given her a wide understanding of all types of clients and the enthusiasm for craft the best experience for each individual. She’s a rockstar at what she does!

champ 1535894891385

Kijja (Champ) Srinakklum

experience  designer

Champ joined the Smiling Albino team in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Formerly working in Operations Champ is now one of our Sales superstars. Champ sees each travel experience not just as a visit to the destinations, but that each step of the journey, from planning to departure is a part of the guest’s adventure; a reason why she puts the extra “oomph” into everything she does. 

Morocco2 - Pornthima Wongkhwan


business development manager

A mom who travels, Som is passionate about sharing the gift of seeing the world with overs. Having traveled to three continents and more than 20 countries, Som is always thinking about her next trip. Though it’s Som’s vivacious personality and zest for life that make her a star on our team. She loves getting to know our partners from around the world and sharing the Smiling Albino ethos with them.

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why smiling albino?


Travel runs through our veins. We know the value of a life-changing experience (since many of us have had them) and are eager to share those moments with our guests from around the world.


We've been doing this for a long time. With hundreds of years of collective experience, our team has been to the places, slept in the beds and eaten at the restaurants. It's how we know exactly where you should go.


While most of the world turns digital, we value personal connections. Whether it's picking up the phone or asking the extra questions that really help us get to know you, we aim to show you just how "real" we are.